Documentation for First Article Testing (FAT)

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Documentation for Contractors to Include for First Article Testing (FAT) 

  • Material certification sheets (chemical analysis/mechanical/physical properties with traceability to mill)
  • All other certifications: including finish requirements (i.e. plating, heat treatment, welding, inspecting, anodize, painting, NDI, etc.) utilized in the manufacture of the FAT item(s)
  • Traceability certifications of all purchased hardware and components used in an assembly
  • Copy of the purchase order certifying the process accomplished at other than contractor facility
  • Process operation documentation
  • Traveler documents with quality stamps
  • In-process inspections performed with inspection data included
  • Sub-vendor certifications (welding, heat treat, NDT, Plating) *Proof of ISO or equivalent certification
  • Quality manual (ISO 9000 or equivalent)
  • Equipment calibration dates
  • If not specified on the drawing, the datum point selected for all measurements
  • Notes regarding drawing draft allowances against nominal dimensions
  • Actual measurement data and drawing tolerances
  • Any special processing notes to be considered (bar code label versus laser etching due to part geometry)
  • Basic contract copy (very important that it be included in the documentation package)
  • Any contract modifications (if applicable)
  • WAWF receiving report with “Inspected” endorsement by DCMA (origin inspection)
  • Proof of DCMA QAR inspection of FAT exhibit (DCMA Wide Area Work Flow electronic approval or signed DD-250)
  • Documentation of domestic materials, particularly for inserts and fasteners
  • Documentation of approved bearing and required stake tools
  • UID requirements