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Casting Quality Tips

The CAST-IT application engineers have compiled their collective knowledge on the following topics:

In-Process Weld Rework

Internal scrap rate in a metalcaster’s shop is a major concern for casting producers and customers. Pragmatic approval of in-process weld rework, as one of the many normal casting finishing processes, has the potential to drive down the internal scrap rate and the resulting high casting costs and lead times. 

Casting Quality Tips for Inspection and Machining Fixtures

These are tips to help ensure every qualified casting produces a finish machined part that meets all requirements of the technical data package.

First Article Testing (FAT) for Castings

Solutions to assist in the FAT process to avoid delays or additional testing costs to best enable a responsive supply chain to support defense procurements, minimize PLT and reduce impacts on stock availability.

Importance of Accurate Specification Conversions

Assistance in converting technical data packages (TDPs) from canceled or obsolete specs to current specs to avoid delays of contracts and suppliers ability to fulfill contracts.

Advantages of the Casting Process

The casting process has nearly unlimited flexibility compared to other manufacturing processes and is excellent for optimizing designs based on performance and weight requirements rather than processing limitations.

CAST-IT Parts Library

CAST-IT has worked on over 2,900 diverse parts.

Documentation for First Article Testing (FAT)

Information for Contractors to include for FAT.