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AMC Wins 2020 DMC Defense Manufacturing Achievement Award

AMC’s Innovative Casting Technologies Program won a 2020 Defense Manufacturing Achievement Award for the Innovative Casting Ordering Network (ICON), developed by the Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society (NFFS), which reduces tooling costs and increases the number of qualified bids per solicitation to drive acquisition costs down for DLA’s procurement of metalcastings.

2015 DMC Award Image

AMC Wins 2015 DMC Defense Manufacturing Achievement Award

AMC’s Casting Solutions for Readiness Program won a 2015 Defense Manufacturing Achievement Award for the development of new welding procedures and post-weld heat treatments that restore the mechanical properties of welded areas to the mechanical properties of the base metal, allowing steel items like armor to be thinner (lighter weight) and more reliable (less failures).


AFCAT has received three DoD Value Engineering Achievement Awards for innovation and cost savings within DLA Aviation’s Value Engineering Department.

Digital Radiographic Standards / Automated Image Analysis Graphic

AMC Program Wins 2011 Defense Manufacturing Achievement Award

AMC’s Castings for Improved Defense Readiness Program won a Defense Manufacturing Achievement Award at the 2011 Defense Manufacturing Conference, Anaheim, CA, for the development of Digital Radiographic standards for final part acceptance of aerospace castings.

2010 Commander's Choice Award

AMC Program Wins 2010 DLA Commander’s Choice Award

As part of AMC’s Castings for Improved Readiness program, the Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society (NFFS) developed the Procurement Solutions Network for Cast Parts, an important resource that connects the DoD’s part acquisition needs to the metalcasting industry.