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Cost Modeling

Workforce Development; Properties vs. Section Thickness; CADS



Digital Surface Inspection

Cast-Metal Ceramic Composites

Aluminum Nanocomposite Castings

Intensive Quench

ICME Design and Optimization

Inclusion Modeling

Die Casting Process and Visualization

Digital Tooling

Advanced Coatings for Dies

On-Demand Net-Shaped Titanium

Heavy Section Austentic

Conformal Cooling

Digital Radiographic Standards / Automated Image Analysis

On-Demand Melting

NIST AMC Roadmapping Program

Casting Advanced Systems Technology – Integration Team (CAST-IT)

Welding of High Strength Steels

Modeling of Steel Casting Performance: Dimensions and Distortion

Statistical Properties for MMPDS Standard CHAMPS – A206

Lube Free Die Casting

Defense Casting Resources for Supply Chain Integration

Design and Manufacturing Resources

Thin Wall and High Strength Die Casting Alloys