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Cost Modeling

Workforce Development; Properties vs. Section Thickness; CADS



Digital Surface Inspection

Cast Metal-Ceramic Composite Lattice Structures for Lightweight Energy Absorbing Applications

Aluminum Nanocomposite Castings

Intensive Quench

ICME Design and Optimization

Inclusion Modeling

High Pressure Die Casting Process Simulation for the Shop Floor

Digital Tooling

Advanced Coatings for Dies

Die Casting of High-Temperature Alloys

Heavy Section Austenitic

Conformal Cooling

Digital Radiographic Standards / Automated Image Analysis

On-Demand Melting

NIST AMC Roadmapping Program

Welding of High Strength Steels

Modeling of Steel Casting Performance: Dimensions and Distortion

Statistical Properties for MMPDS Standard CHAMPS – A206

Lube Free Die Casting

Defense Casting Resources for Supply Chain Integration

Design and Manufacturing Resources

Thin Wall and High Strength Die Casting Alloys