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Casting Advanced Systems Technology - Integration Team

Delivering technical and procurement process tools and metalcasting solutions to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

CAST-IT is part of the AMC’s Innovative Casting Technologies (ICT) program, a portfolio of projects addressing DLA’s need for timely and cost-effective cast parts.


  • Provides on-site support at DLA major subordinate commands
  • Develops procurement processes and tools
  • Strengthens and rebuilds supply chains
  • Delivers technical and procurement seminars
  • Provides Should-Cost and Economic Order Quantity analyses
  • Accesses capable, responsive supplier networks
  • Improves cast-content procurement
  • Reviews technical data and provides engineering support

Over a Century and a Half of Experience

  • Experience with steel, titanium, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, and brass
  • Has resolved problems with over 3,000 parts
  • Casting-related machining, post-processing, rapid prototyping and tooling expertise
  • Leverages real world experiences and new technology tools
  • Links government and industry to support procurement success