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Hitch Houseing Image

M-939 5-ton Truck, Hitch Housing, 8630 Steel, Green Sand

Bolt Assembly Images

A-10 Warthog, Bolt Assembly, 17-4 PH and maraging steel, investment

Machine Gun Handgrip

MK-38 25mm Machine Gun, Handgrip Assembly, 356-T6 aluminum, plaster

M223 Fuze Housing

M270 MLRS, M223 Fuze Housing, 380 aluminum, die cast

Tow Bar Clamp

5-Ton Truck, Tow Bar Clamp, 8630 steel, air set

Piston Accumulator

 SSN-688 LA Class Sub, Piston Accumulator, duplex stainless steel, centrifugal

Reservoir Manifold

 RAH-66 Comanche, Reservoir Manifold, A357-T6 aluminum, investment

 120 mm Mortar, Base Plate, A206-T7, green Sand

Refuel Socket

Supply Ship, Refueling Socket Segment, A356-T6, green sand

Bat Fusilage

 BAT Missile, Forward and Rear Fuselage, D357 Aluminum, investment

Crusader Front and Rear Manifold

XM297 Crusader, Front and Rear Manifold, 8630 steel, investment

Abrams Ice Cleat

M1 Abrams, Ice Cleat, 8630 steel, green sand

Paladin Carrier Housing

M109 Paladin, Carrier Housing, 8630 steel, investment

MEP-16 Generator Crankshaft

MEP-16 Generator, Crankshaft, 80-55-06 ductile iron, air set

Machine Gun Ammo Conveyor

F15 30mm Machine Gun, Ammo Conveyor, MIL-S-22141 steel, investment

Crusader Actuator Foot

A. XM297 Crusader, Actuator Foot, 4140 steel, investment

JSOW Gyroscope

AGM-154 JSOW, Gyroscope Housing, die cast

Raptor Fuel Duct

F-22 Raptor, Fuel Duct, A356-T6, investment

Corsair Electrical End Bell

A-7 Corsair, Electrical End Bell, die cast

Generator Adapter Plate

MEP-16 Generator, Adapter Plate, 380 aluminum, die cast

Drive Wheel Hub

M9 ACE. Drive Wheel Hub, grade 90-60 steel, green sand

Thrust Assembly

FFG Frigate, Thrust Assembly, monel, air set

Lightweight Howitzer

Xm777 Lightweight Howitzer, investment

Abrams Breech Handle

M1 Abrams, Breech Handle, 4140 steel, investment

Steering Deflector

AAAV Steering Deflector, A201 aluminum, sand cast

Comanche Engine Part

RAH-66 Comanche, T800-LHT-802 Engine, A357-T61 aluminum, investment

Universal REXTORP

MK59 Universal REXTORP, A356 Aluminum, Sand Cast

Nose Cone

GMLRS Nose Tip 17-4PH Steel Investment

Gun Gas Deflector

Mark 38 Machine Gun Ejection Chute 17-4 PH Steel Investment Cast

Muzzle Break

M198 Howitzer Muzzle Brake 4330 Steel, Sand Cast

Fuel Tank Access Cover

KC 135 Fuel Tank Access Cover Aluminum, Die Cast

Machine Gun Part

M2 Machine Gun, Steel Grade 65-35 Sand or Investment Cast

Payload Housing

GMLRS Payload Body, A356-T6, Aluminum, Sand Cast