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AFCAT and MetaL FACT logosCAST-IT - Partnering with Government and Industry for Procurement Success

Direct support and procurement research at DLA major subordinate commands and collaboration with Engineering Support Activities

CAST-IT is fully integrated at DLA's Primary Lead Field Activities: DLA Aviation in Richmond, Virginia and DLA Land and Maritime in Columbus, Ohio. CAST-IT is working to enhance procurement processes and resolve problematic casting procurements that affect our military readiness.

CAST-IT TeamCAST-IT also provides on-demand responsive technical assistance to the Armed Services’ Engineering Support Activities (ESAs) to maximize the performance, economic, and sustainment benefits of metalcastings.

Working with the major subordinate commands and the ESAs, CAST-IT is reducing lead times and costs associated with the procurement of castings.

"The CAST-IT Team connected us with capable and responsive foundry sources that could meet our strict demands of high quality performance metalcastings."

Ross Rosseland
Ogden Air Logistics Center, Hill Air Force Base