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AMC Program Success Stories

Welding of Cast Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steels

Supporting Legacy Aviation Weapons Systems with the ICON Portal

MMDS Tool Program Overview and Objectives

Coatings Provide Die Life Improvement and Reduced Safety Rick

Increasing the Number of Alloys in MMPDS

Finite Element Analysis & Design with Strain-Life Fatigue Data

Sourcing Optimization Portal Delivers Supply Chain Solutions for DLA Parts Acquisition

Casting Alloy Data Search (CADS) Tool Provides Easy Accessibility to Critical Design Properties

Integrated Casting Order Network (ICON) Delivers Procurement Solutions

High Magnesium A380 and T5 Heat Treatment Improves Performance

Modeling of Distortions and Pattern Allowances for Steel Castings

New Gating Equation Enhances Die Casting

AMC Wins DMC Achievement Award

Sources Developed for B-1 Aircraft Critical Castings

Aviation Forging and Casting Assistance Team (AFCAT) Earns DoD Award

Steel Casting Wiki

Improving Supply Chain Tools: Validating Weld Repair for Aluminum Alloy Castings

Solder Resistant Coating Improves Productivity and Reduces Scrap

Welding of High Strength Armor Steels

Sourcing Optimization Portal Delivers Supply Chain Solutions for DLA Parts Acquisition

Improving the Lost Foam Casting Process Yields Better Casting Solutions

Bi-Metallic Tooling Eliminates Soldering and Improves Productivity

Advanced Metal Matrix Composites for Casting Applications

Improved Foundry Coating Measurement Systems

Reducing Errors in Visual Inspection

Rapid Procurement Team Delivers Supply Chain Solutions for DLA

Redesign to Reduce Weight and Improve Performance

Robotic Machining Feasibility

Implementation of New Technology Provides Substantial Productivity Gain

Direct-to-Foundry Procurement Achieves Cost and Production Lead-Time Savings

Solidification Modeling Predicts Shrinkage Areas

High Production Rate Tooling Metal Mold Casting Processes

Cast Tooling Database Achieves Fielded Weapon Systems Sustainment

Rapid Toolng for Short Run Metal Mold Applications and Increased Productivity

Die Casting Design Tools

Cast Part Performance in the Presence of Discontinuities

Alloy Modification and High Thermal Conductivity Tooling

Procurement Solutions Network Shortens DLA Supply Chains

Predicting Cast Part Performance

81mm Mortar Cleaning Mesh Holder

Visual Inspection of Casting Surfaces

Digital Radiographic Inspection for Aluminum Castings

Commander's Choice Award Recognizes Procurement Solutions Value

Optimizing Casting Design for Improved Performance

Advances in Metal Mold Rapid Tooling for Tank Inserts

Sourcing Optimization Portal Delivers Supply Chain Solutions for DLA

Defense Manufacturing Conference Recognizes AMC with Technology Achievement Award

New High Performance Corrosion Resistant Alloys

Reducing Scrap and Lead Time in Seal Ring Castings

X-IT Project Team Earns DoD Value Engineering Award

Procurement Solution Tools for Castings

AMC Overview

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