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DELIVERING PROCUREMENT SOLUTIONS - Casting conversion of a 28-piece weldment to reduce lead time, lower cost, and increase quality - the fundamentals of warfighter readiness

The CAST-IT™ team provided assistance to the U.S. Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), Picatinny Arsenal, in material selection, design review quality assurance parameters, and vendor source selection for prototypes. The new cast steel cradle extension will improve the strength and durability, reduce initial production and lifecycle cost, and remain weight neutral.

"AMRDEC's partnership with UAB and AMC's CAST-IT™ Team brought the necessary technical expertise to the table. This project was a success.”

Matt Triplett

Other AMC CAST-IT™ Success Stories include:

Delivering Procurement Solutions:

M249 Charging Handle

M88 Auxilary Power Unit (APU) Cylinder Block

Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) Gear Selector Cover

81mm Mortar Cleaning Mesh Holder

MK54 Universal REXTORP

AMRDEC Guided MLRS Cargo Round

NAVSEA Heat Pipe Bleed Air Cooler

SSN Lobe Assembly Rotor

F-5 Gun Gas Deflector Assembly

Mine Counter Measure (MCM) Turbine Blowers

KC135 Elevator Crank Support

Strengthening Supply Chains through Seminars and Foundry Visits

MCM Turbocharger Tube

UDLP Partnership Continues Application of Casting Design Technologies on N-LOS and AGS Weapons

F-5 Crossbleed Valve Body