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AMC Wins 2015 DMC Defense Manufacturing Achievement Award

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AMC’s Casting Solutions for Readiness Program won a 2015 Defense Manufacturing Achievement Award for the development of new welding procedures and post-weld heat treatments that restore the mechanical properties of welded areas to the mechanical properties of the base metal, allowing steel items like armor to be thinner (lighter weight) and more reliable (less failures). The ATI Team, consisting of ATI, Lehigh University, and the Steel Founders Society of America worked together with the Defense Logistics Agency, Eglin Air Force Base, and BAE Systems to develop the new welding and heat treatment procedures.

AMC Wins DMC Achievement Award

Aviation Forging and Casting Assistance Team (AFCAT) Earns Multiple DoD Awards

For two years in a row, AFCAT has received DoD Value Engineering Achievement Awards for innovation and cost savings within DLA Aviation's Value Engineering Department. AFCAT contributed to the Defense Logistics Agency’s achievement of millions of dollars in savings and cost avoidance in both FY2012 and FY2013.

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Aviation Forging and Casting Assistance Team (AFCAT) Earns DoD Award

AMC Program Wins 2011 Defense Manufacturing Achievement Award

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AMC’s Castings for Improved Defense Readiness Program won a Defense Manufacturing Achievement Award at the 2011 Defense Manufacturing Conference, Anaheim, CA, for the development of Digital Radiographic standards for final part acceptance of aerospace castings. The acknowledgment was a joint award with the Air Force’s effort on Digital Radiographic Standards. The AMC team, consisting of ATI, the University of Alabama - Birmingham, the Defense Logistics Agency, the American Foundry Society, and the Steel Founders Society of America, worked together with ASTM, the Air Force, and suppliers to create the required standards for digitized reference radiographs. The digital standards are being developed to create reference images that replicate current universally recognized radiographic film standards, reducing radiographic inspection times by as much as 90%, eliminating the cost of film processing and storage, and increasing the probability of detecting flaws from 85% to 97%.

Defense Manufacturing Conference Recognizes AMC with Technology Achievement Award

AMC Program Wins 2010 DLA Commander’s Choice Award

2010 Commander's Choice Award

As part of AMC’s Castings for Improved Readiness program, the Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society (NFFS) developed the Procurement Solutions Network for Cast Parts, an important resource that connects the DoD’s part acquisition needs to the metalcasting industry. The network’s principal investigator, Ryan Moore, received the DLA Commander’s Choice Award, which is presented to the single individual whose dedication and commitment to the DLA mission affects the quality of life for U.S. men and women in uniform. The program enhances DLA’s ability to rapidly and cost efficiently procure parts for aging weapon system through the following online resources:

Defense Tooling Database ( – online database of existing tooling, eliminating the cost of duplicating tooling and reducing lead-times for part acquisition.

Defense Casting Suppliers Database ( – a comprehensive database of metalcasters employing materials and processes capable to manufacture needed parts for DLA.

Foundry Toolkit ( – an online resource to assist metalcasters in meeting defense procurement requirements.

Bid Solicitation Review – NFFS monitors and integrates current DLA solicitations with the Defense Tooling Locator and the Casting Supplier Database to match solicitations with capable suppliers.

DLA and its supply centers face complex challenges regarding the procurement of cast spare parts in a sustainment environment.  Improperly managed, metalcastings represent a high proportion of backorders, delays, and high costs due to fragmented supply chains, diminishing supply base, lost tooling, and lack of understanding government procurement requirements.  The Procurement Solutions Network for Cast Parts program provides DLA and the Services the resources for rapid and cost efficient procurement for spare part acquisition to support the warfighter.


12 week average reduction in Production Lead Time
$1.4 million in actualized cost savings that can be verified to date
Projected future annual cost savings of $2 million
Visibility of foundries with tooling for 24,000 cast parts used on more than 400 weapon systems

Commander's Choice Award Recognizes Procurement Solutions Value

AMC Program Wins Value Engineering Award

X-IT Project Team Earns DoD Value Engineering Award